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42-Foot Tall Snowman Stolen From Tyler Tree Farm

"They took it apart, folded it up, drug it out through [the piping], and went straight over here, over that fence."  Following the tracks in the mud, Royce Wisenbaker described how thieves got away with a prized holiday possession.

"We got here Saturday morning and he was gone," said Dixon Farms Owner Royce Wisenbaker.  Wisenbaker was surprised to find that the 42-foot tall inflatable snowman, Frosty, which has greeted customers for years, had been stolen late Friday night.   

Frosty is worth $10,000 and is a staple around these parts during the holiday season, but he seemed to have melted away overnight.

"We have lots of loyal customers and, unfortunately, they're coming with their children and they want to see Frosty, but Frosty was stolen," said Wisenbaker.  Frosty was not the only decoration nabbed this weekend.  Just down the road, four more outdoor holiday displays were taken outside of a home.  Jim Reed and his brother-in-law, Donald Macomber, said all they wanted to do was spread a little joy during the season.

"It's just part of the holiday spirit, and it's a shame that somebody would put a dent in that," Reed said.  They're not alone.  Many people seem to use the inflatable displays to brighten their homes during the holidays, but with good tidings, unfortunately, come bad behavior.

"If you have the small inflatable ones, when you shut your power off at night, if you could put those inside the garage, it would probably be smart," said Tyler Police Sergeant Bill Goeking.  "Those are quite expensive, and if you have people going around and throwing them in the back of a pickup, and escaping pretty quick, that's going to be a problem."  A problem, which hopefully doesn't make us all Scrooges during the holidays. 

Police say because frosty is worth so much, the thieves could face state felony charges.  If you have any information about either of the thefts, please call Tyler Police.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.  livingston@kltv.com 

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