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Longview Churches Send Troops Gifts

Some East Texas churches have banded together for the third year in a row to give a little bit of home to the troops overseas.  The program is called Operation Appreciation.  They were little things; magazines, music cd's and snacks, but to the soldiers who will receive these gift packages overseas, it's a little bit of home from the people who think of them.

"Just to know that the people in the states do care no matter what, we care and we're here for them, we can all get together and do it together for the boys,"  said Ileana Gonzalez who's son is serving in the army.  Several area churches converged at Saint Michael Saturday to put together gift boxes for more than 140 servicemen overseas, as well as 40 boxes of school supplies for children in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Some today had very close ties to the program.

"They're so far away, and I guess not every body gets a little something, so this is great," said Blanca Hudson who's son is serving in the Air force in Iraq.

"Giving them home means that we love them no matter who we are," said Project Coordinator Maggie Litterski.  "Getting the packages from home lifts up their moral, therefor they live.  That just might help them come home safe."  A special treat for Blanca Hudson while she was packing the gift boxes.  Her son called from Iraq.  For those involved, they hope the simple packages will send a much bigger message.

"I would just say Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year," said Litterski.  "I know your not home, but just know that your community's thinking of you."  The gift packages will be blessed in a special church service at Saint Michael Sunday, and will be mailed out to the troops on Monday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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