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12/01/07- East Texas

Brothers And Twin Sisters Celebrate Double 60th Wedding Anniversary

It's a double anniversary, and it was a double wedding back in 1947.  The Graham brothers, Louis and J. D. married twin sisters Nora and Nolan here in East Texas.

"The first time I saw this woman, I said that's the girl I'm going to marry," said J.D. Graham.   "She had long black hair down to her waist and was as pretty as I ever laid eyes on."

"We went and bought a dress at the seven dollar shop," said Nora Graham.  "They were little suits, two for seven dollars and that's what we got married in."  They dress alike and look alike, so it's only normal a mix-up would happen now and again.

"So Nora, she would get in bed with me when they would leave," said Nola Graham.  "Well, J. D. came in and there was Nora instead of me and he kissed Nora.  Yeah, and I said 'get out of here,'" laughed Nora Graham.  Through the funny moments and the bad, both couples said the key to a lasting marriage is one founded in faith in the Lord, and of course true love and commitment to one another.

"Just love each other all the time," said Nora Graham.  "Half and half is the way it goes.  If he's true to you, you be true to him."

"I couldn't have found a better woman if I'd have searched the whole world," said Louis Graham.  Double the love that keeps on growing 60 years later.

Each couple also has three children. They arranged this special anniversary Saturday and many friends drove hundreds of miles to be there in Lindale.

Courtney Lane, Reporting.

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