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11/30/07- Longview

Longview "Lobo" Fans Gear Up Football Game Of The Year

The Longview high school football team is less than 24 hours away from what some East Texans are calling the "Game of the Year". Saturday the "Lobos" take to the field to battle in the regional semi-finals against the "Leander lions". KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley went in search of some faithful lobo fans... and boy did she find them!  

It's an East Texas cheer that starts here in Longview "Lobo Land". From tickets...to gear-- fans are getting suited up and ready for Lobo game day. "We're going to fill up those stands and spill over. We might have to sit on the opposing teams side," said Lobo fan Jina Harden.

"I am a hard core Lobos fan! I graduated back in 1985 and I am a hardcore fan to the end," said Michael Bell. "I think they're great! They're wonderful! We are going all the way!,"said Charlie Burns Jr. All the way to victory that is. The lobos have so much support that even one of Longview's largest car dealerships is backing them. "I've followed this team 30 something years, and I haven't missed a game this year!," said Darrel Crouch, of Peters Chevrolet. With all this Lobo spirit and genuine green love, Lobo fans say it's only one thing left. "The lobos will come home with a victory! I guarantee you that, said Jean Morris. "They're kind of like the Dallas Cowboys you like them when they're winning, and you like them when they're loosing,"said Amy McMann.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. Lshockley@kltv.com

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