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11/30/07-East Texas

Recalled Toys Making Extra Work For Toy Drives

Toy after toy, it seems every day we hear about a new recall. Already millions have been pulled from the shelves.  There have been a record setting 60 different toy recalls this year alone. And it's not only putting added stress on stores and parents. Now we learning it's affecting local toy drives.

No Curious George, no Dora the Explorer and even a big no to Thomas the Tamk Engine.  They're not welcome this Christmas because they're all part of nation-wide recalls.

"Everyday seems like there is another recall."

And now, they're not only packing on added stress for parents shopping this holiday season, but volunteers at local toy drives are having to do extra work too.

"We're actually going to go through all the toys by hand to make sure none of the toys are on the recall list," says Lt. Roderick Hashaway with the Winnsboro Police Department.

This is the first in their 20 years the Winnsboro Police Department has even had to worry about toy recalls.

"With the lead that's out there, the lead poisoning, with all the toys coming from overseas, we def don't want the kids to get ahold of no lead poisoning," he explains.

And it's the same story over the Salvation Army in Tyler, but there are even bigger changes there.

"In years past people would bring the back toys back all wrapped and pretty, but one of the steps we've taken is to ask folks who have chosen an angel from our Angel Tree not to wrap the gifts this year," says Linda Edwards with the Salvation Army.

That's so their group of volunteers can easily sift through each toy under the Angel Tree and make sure it's okay.

"We don't want any child to be harmed by a toy that's on the recall list so we're doing our best to make sure that doesn't happen," she says.

And so should the people who plan to donate toys this year.

"If we know that's happening then we should take responsibility instead of introducing that into the home," says annual Angel Tree sponsor Terry Hill.

So for the sake of your local charity, check the list and check it twice.  That way we can all "make the children of East Texas smile," Linda adds.

A link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall list can be found on the "Know More On 7" menu on the left.  Just click on "2007 Recall List."

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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