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What Are Women Really Paying Attention To During NFL Games?

The Cowboys are all the buzz at Azalea Orthopedic and Sports Medicine.  But is there a discrepancy to what the men are paying attention to, than what the women are watching?

"Are they fans because they love the sport or is it because of the eye candy?," asks KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson.

"That's an interesting question because, you know, women like men.  You know, and we like to watch that," says Cowboys fan Leslie Fossey.

"The tight pants, that's kind of nice sometimes," says Cowboys fan Beka Moore laughing.

The most talked about QB's (that's quarterbacks ladies) are Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

But they also get a lot of attention for their looks.

"Tony Romo," declares Beka, pointing to the best looking QB.

"I like the old guy, Brett.  Peyton Manning is a kid," says Cowboys fan Cathy Brands.

"It's so hard!!! I'll take them all!," says Leslie.

"They're a little bit young for me," says Cowboys fan Lou Hall.

Some of you may think that it's all about the players' looks for a woman to be interested in sports.  But overall these women consider themselves true fans.

"You can be cute, but if you're not doing good they're not going to watch you," says Cathy.

"I would say I like it because of the sport.  It's really entertaining, it's excitement, family comes around, you all get together," says Lou.

"No I like the game. I think those women need to get their priorities straight," says Beka smiling.

We may not know the strategies or which plays will be called to get the winning TD.  But we know it's a good thing when the Cowboys are 11-1!

Christine Nelson, Reporting  cnelson@kltv.com


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