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Animal Right Group Addresses Recent Cases

      Trying to get tougher penalties for animal abusers was the focus of a meeting in Upshur County today between authorities and an animal rights group. Members of the Animal Legal Defense Fund met with Upshur County district attorneys and law enforcement, addressing several large scale animal abuse cases that have occurred in East Texas over the past year.

      A presentation was made on the profile and characteristics of large scale abusers. The group cited recent cases of dog abuse, a puppy mill , and a horse starvation case as prime examples. And is working to create stiffer penalties for abusers.

    "Those 3 cases alone involve such and inordinately large number of animals I mean the ability to have an impact with such a small number of cases , 3 cases all in a row in the same place is unusual and unique, I always think it's a bad idea to return animals to their abuser it's setting the animals up for future suffering" says Animal Legal Defense Fund attorney Dana Campbell.

    "What makes penalties against these subjects hard is the state does not have the right to appeal animal seizure cases, but the defendant does" said Upshur County Assistant District Attorney Bob Cole.

     The Animal Legal Defense Fund is currently working with state legislatures around the country to get lifetime bans for contact with animals. That would be for people who have been guilty of the worst case's of animal abuse and neglect.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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