Whitehouse Woman Turns 100 Years Old

One Whitehouse woman was greeted by family, friends and 100 balloons for her 100th birthday. celebration.

Jewell Reel was born in Smith County in 1902. Friends and family say Jewell's recipe for living a long life is her positive attitude.

"She's always very up and nice to be around," said her granddaughter Debbie Trahan. "She cheers people up. She has a great sense of humor."

Jewell married Henry Reel at the age of 21 and had three children. The family expanded over the years, and Reel now has 10 grandkids, 19 grandkids and 9 great-great grandchildren.

She's lived through 2 world wars, the Great Depression, and even the advent of television, but says her favoritie event is watching each time a new baby born into her family.

"It feels good. I don't feel so old when I've got all my grandkids around me," says Reel.

First Assembly of God Church in Whitehouse gave Reel a plaque honoring  her years of service. Her advice to those seeking the fountain of youth is live a clean life, stay out of trouble, stay out of meaness, don't drink, eat healthy and always stay positive.