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Huge Hog Shot In Gilmer

     It's been the talk of the town in Gilmer for the last two days, not the football team,  or even politics, but a hog!  Many saw it and they still couldn't believe it.

    "I've never seen one this big" said one bystander.

   "I though it was fake until I stopped" said another.

     A local hunter shot the monstrous hog on a nearby property off Montgomery Road in Gilmer.

     It was hoisted on a crane, it weighed out at 8-hundred 41 pounds.

    "And I didn't believe it was 800 pounds so I got out of school early to see what it looked like" said Gilmer High School student Justin Johnson.

      Residents say the porker is a domestic pig that has been free ranging and much like a feral hog, growing tusks and thick hair.

     "After teaching 36 years and telling kids what to do when they meet a bear in the woods, I've never seen anything like this so I wouldn't know what to warn a kids about something like this" said onlooker Mary Ann Curington.

    All day cars stopped with curious onlookers, some in disbelief.

    "Seeing it hanging up there and I was like holy cow" said another bystander.

     They've never seen anything like it, and hope they never see one roaming their woods.

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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