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11/29/07 - Kilgore

Kilgore College Students Released From Hospital After Getting Sick From Carbon Monoxide

The final student hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning at Kilgore College was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon. It was the gas leak at a dorm that students say could have turned deadly.  

KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley went back to campus Today. She talked to students to learn more about their un-nerving experience and to see what steps the college is taking to keep this from ever happening again.    

"I live four in a half hours away from here. I don't have my parents or any family so, it's really kind of scary for me," said Nolan Hall resident Kim Williams. As residents of Nolan Hall share their experience from getting sick from carbon monoxide they said it was a feeling unlike no other. "I could not hardly make it to the bathroom. Once I made it there, I passed out and I hit the wall," said Sara Todaro who was taken to the hospital after getting sick. "If it wasn't for some of our alarm clocks going off and people knocking on doors-- we would have been in bed dead--literally," said resident Rhonda Mctyre.  

Fortunately, for residents it didn't turn deadly and campus officials have installed carbon monoxide detectors and a new heating system In Nolan Hall. "Hopefully, nothing like this will ever happen. It's just one of those things that happens and until it happens, you really don't know how severe it could be," said Chris Craddock,of Kilgore College.

And for these residents of Nolan Hall it's an experience they hope to never go through again.

Nolan hall was built in 1961. Campus officials tell us, right now carbon monoxide detectors are only in Nolan Hall but, the college is planning to hard wire all the dorms with carbon monoxide detectors.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.



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