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East Texan Receives Incredible News: Cancer Free

He's a young East Texas man with stage four cancer and last week he received some incredible news. Something those around him said could only be described as a miracle.

"Jason is just like one of my little boys he is like my own kid," said Janice Vonner, Jason Rushing's 3rd Grade Teacher and lifelong friend.

It's a small community that's like family and when one of their own got life changing news they were there. In August, 24-year-old Jason found out he had cancer: Non Hodgkins Lymphoma found in his thigh, hip and chest bones.

"Any bad news that you could get; Jason got it, " said Debbie Rushing, Jason's sister-in-law, "It was a death sentence. A lot of people thought of it that way."

In September we interviewed Jason and his wife Alaina before a softball tournament fundraiser put on by his family and friends to help with the mounting medical bills.

"It's been hard," said Jason in September, "but everything should be fine."

Even though his cancer was aggressive and the chemotherapy treatment was taking a hard toll on his body Jason told KLTV he knew he could handle whatever life gives him.

Last Friday he went in for a standard body scan.

"They were going in to see if the chemo worked To see if the cells are smaller. He had the body scan and it found there is no cancer. He is cancer free," said Debbie, "It's an unexplainable miracle, doctors, nurses. It is unexplainable unless you have that personal relationship with God."

 "I know that God heals and this is an example of that . He is still in the healing business and we should always have faith that he is going to do what he said he would do," said Janice.

His family says the news is only be heaven sent.

"God did a miracle. And he's been doing them since the day he created the earth. And its amazing because we read about all these miraculous miracles in The Bible but we don't realize that he is still doing them," said Debbie.

"We have a lot of reasons to celebrate tonight," said Janice. 

Jason said he is grateful from the bottom of his heart for the support he has received the past few months from everyone. He hopes to regain his strength and return to work in the next few months.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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