Kilgore Adult Store Raid

Police in Kilgore have shut down an adult video/book store operating inside city limits after the discovery of a massive amount of sexually explicit devices being sold there. The business was legally run under strict parameters of city ordinance, but police say it violated the city's adult business ordinance by selling obscene devices. Police raided the adult store on Industrial Boulevard on Thursday and say they found hundreds of the illegal sexual devices inside. 25 boxes were filled with the evidence. Police say the business violated the state's obscenity law... Which states that a person commits the offense "if they possess with intent to promote any obscene material or obscene device". Investigators say possible state felony charges could result from this raid.. And many were disturbed at the images they saw when they entered the business. The owners business license has been taken and if convicted of the class a misdemeanor he could face a fine and jail time. Police have passed results of their investigation on to the Gregg County District Attorneys offices to for review of possible state felony charges.