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11/28/07 - Tyler

Position Decision '07: The Candidates Debate

Reid Kerr, KLTV Moderator: Good evening, and welcome to the first annual KLTV/Red Zone NFC Debate.  Tonight, we will discuss the outcome of potentially the best NFL game that many of us will not get to watch.  We have Craig Taylor representing the Cowboys, and Randy Hanson representing the Packers.

For the opening arguments, of Position Decision '07, why will your team win?

Randy Hanson, Packers Representative: Well, I'm going to go with Brett Favre being as superior quarterback by far. I think the big deal is Green Bay is so much better coached. I think Wade Phillips will be completely outcoached on this one, or Jerry Jones, whoever the coach is.

Craig Taylor, Cowboys Representative: Well, we got the best quarterback. He's got so much talent. He knows how to move, he can get the ball to Owens, or Witten. I think he's the man for the job.

Reid Kerr, KLTV Moderator: The Cowboys are America's Team. Why do you hate America?

Randy Hanson, Packers Representative: Heh. Well, first of all, they're not America's Team.  That's just a moniker they put on themselves. That's just like Hillary Clinton saying she's the best thing since sliced bread, she's not just because she says it. They've marketed themselves as America's Team, but who came up with the name, themselves?

Reid Kerr, KLTV Moderator: Brett Favre. What's up with that?

Craig Taylor, Cowboys Representative: Well first off, he's old enough to be my daddy. He's got grey hair, he doesn't  look like a college guy like Romo. Romo's got that young, pretty face, he's handsome. He's got that certain glow about him.

Reid Kerr, KLTV Moderator: Final Evaluations. How much does your team win by?

Randy Hanson, Packers Representative: I'm going to say Green Bay 34, Dallas 17.

Craig Taylor, Cowboys Representative: Dallas 35, Green Bay 23. I'll give ‘em that.

Reid Kerr, KLTV Moderator: Gentlemen, thank you, and good luck tomorrow both for your teams, and also finding a place with the NFL Network so you can watch the game. For the KLTV / Red Zone debate, I'm Reid Kerr.

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