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Drug Deal In Van Goes Bad, And One Suspect Is On The Loose

It wasn't a movie script, but the plot was certainly in place.

"I heard [what] sounded like large firecrackers," said Bob Slagle, a neighbor.  Slagle said when he looked out of his window, he saw police cars in front of a neighbor's home.

But what he heard was not fireworks, but rather gun shots coming from down the street--sounds which shook up his quiet neighborhood in Van.

"One of my friends called me," said Ron Tankersley.  Tankersley rents out the home where the shooting happened.  He said when his friend told him what was going on, he went to see what was happening. 

And what police found on the scene helped them put the story together: thousands of dollars in cash, a stash of what looked to be cocaine, and weapons galore, including two SKS rifles, and a stolen pistol. 

The plan was to pull off the perfect drug deal, but the plan took a turn for the worst.

When initial reports came in, someone had been shot.

"They had been struggling with the gun when they went to the ground, rolling around with the gun," said Van Police Chief Kelly Smith.  "The gun went off and [one of the suspects] literally told me, I don't know how they didn't shoot me." Smith said 26-year-old, Kendrick Aime, the tenant of the home was about to hand over $35,000 in cash to Keldrick Williams, another suspect, for drugs, but on closer inspection, a discovery was made.

"At that time we thought it was cocaine, and we tested it, it was sheet rock," said Smith.  He said a fight broke out the residence when Amie found out he was about to buy fake drugs.  That's what sparked a city-wide manhunt for one of the suspects.

Police went scrambling to find this man, Darrell Petty.  He ran from the scene after shots broke out and police arrived.  It was an intense search from ground to air, but now, police said, he is not in van.  "We got a call from a gentleman who lives on Oak Street," said Smith.  Shortly after the shooting, Petty made his way to another home in the area, asked to use the phone, and nearly twenty minutes later, was picked up by a white car.

Police say more than likely he is headed back to the Dallas area, where they believe he is from.  For now, he is still at large, and charges are pending for the two men who are still in custody.

Layron Livingston, Reporting. llivingston@kltv.com 

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