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11/28/07- Quitman

Detailed Accounts Of What Pills Quitman Students Took

"She was one who was offered the drug and was told that it was skittles," said Kelley Price, mother of Quitman Junior High student.  "She did not take it and I am so proud of her for that."

She's grateful, but Price is also aware her daughter has been affected by what she saw other friends taking.

"The pill she saw was a little blue pill," said Price. "She also saw a capsule that they were breaking apart and supposedly sniffing through a pen.  They were trying to use it like cocaine and think that makes them look cool I guess."

Another mom says her son saw kids taking a similar pill.

"He said it looked like the Advil, that gel, that you can pull it apart and it had powder in it," said Jana Stovall. 

These mothers said some Quitman Junior High students were doing all this during class Tuesday, un-noticed until one student became sick.

"He told me that one boy was carried out of class," said Stovall.  "He had red eyes and was carried out."

Quitman ISD said they'll take serious disciplinary action once they know exactly what the 6 students took. Both school officials and these mothers said it's eventually up to parents to teach their kids the dangers of prescription medication they may have lying around at home.

"These are blood pressure medicines and just simple, common drugs we have in our home that could kill a 50-pound child," said Price. 

Residents said their small community will deal with this together and pray lessons are learned from this potential tragedy.

"We're all family and it hurts," said Price.  "It hurts even though I don't know some of these kids that were involved.  They're still part of this town and I think when something like this happens, the town comes together and it's like it was our own child."

Quitman ISD said they do enforce drug-testing at school. Quitman Police have not released any new information on this case.

Courtney Lane, Reporting.

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