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Residents Worry Over Impact Of Loop 49 Expansions

For some East Texans, the issue is literally hitting close to home.  Shirley Acy said she's lived in her home for decades, but if a plan to expand Loop 49 goes through, she may be forced to relocate. 

"We really just don't want to go," she said. 

Other property owners are having to, reluctantly, make a compromise. 

"My initial hope was that it would be to the west of my property," said Howard Beggs.  "It's a hindrance, but not as much as it would have been if they had chosen another route."

At the heart of the issue are proposed plans to expand Loop 49 from I-20 to Highway 69 outside of Lindale.  The Texas Department of Transportation is hoping the final two of seven alternatives, Route-D or Route-G, can soon become the right alternative.  It wants a plan that effects the least amount of residents while providing the best option possible for future growth. 

Citizens voiced their concerns and asked their questions, Tuesday, at a public meeting hosted by TxDOT.  And those questions and concerns are welcomed some TxDOT representatives said.  

"We feel like we're marching toward a concensus," said Larry Krantz with TxDOT. "We're certainly never going to make everyone happy, but in this case I think we're going to get pretty close."

And though some are already making plans to relocate, others, for now, are staying put, hoping a new option comes to the table.

Layron Livingston, 

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