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East Texas Students Abusing Prescription Drugs On Campus

"They don't say 'keep out of reach' for no reason," said Ashly Vivion, concerned parent.  "I know their in 8th grade but they're still children."

Students abusing prescription drugs is something East Texas schools are seeing more of. In Quitman, parents are relieved the consequences were not worse, but worried over how they got into children's hands.

"Parents need to be aware," said Bill Travis, Superintendent of Quitman I. S.D.  "We're not seeing illegal drugs in our public schools, we're seeing the prescription drugs. Parents need to keep them locked up and keep a count of them."

The six students are ok, luckily, because they were rushed to a hospital right away. The type and amount of the drugs they took won't be known until tests are finished in the coming days.

"Our first concern is safety," said Travis.  "What did they take, how can we help them and then we start working through the disciplinary action."

Action parents of younger kids hope is taken before their children face the same temptation.

"They could have possibly died from that but they're just out there hooting' and hollering' and thinking it's fine," said Vivion.  "It's just really scary to think that my son could be subject to that in the coming years."

It's a strong warning to parents to keep a close eye on what your kids, no matter what age, get their hands on. Travis said this is a serious offense and the students who took the pills will face disciplinary action once the investigation is complete.

Courtney Lane, Reporting clane@kltv.com

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