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11/26/07 - Longview

New Phone Scam Twist Targets An East Texas Woman

A warning tonight. It's a phone scam that experts say has a new twist, and you could be the next victim. Our cameras were rolling when scammers called an East Texas woman, asking for and promising money. In a KLTV 7 exclusive, LaKecia Shockley takes a closer look at a potential victim's encounter with a con artist that could have cost her everything.  

It's a telephone call that sounds like a dream come true. "You are a winner of 3.5 million dollars!" An East Texan woman, who asked not to be identified, says over the past weekend she's been a prospective victim for a scam caller, who just happened to call the victim when KLTV cameras were rolling. "The money is coming over to your place now and it's a guy coming over to your home today with that package ok," said the scam caller. "That was one of those things that frightend me because he was leading me to believe that he knew where I lived," said the potential victim.  And that's not all, the scammer called back again this time asking for money. "The second time he called he told me that he wanted me to get a money gram for $299.00 and to send it to Mr. Lawyer in Jamaica," said the victim. Experts say with phone scams like this, people need to be aware. "It's a scam because there's too many red flags about the whole thing. It's just a little different twist on most of the scams that we're aware of," said Linda Witherspoon, of the Longview Better Business Bureau. Fortunately, the victim didn't fall prey to the caller. But she's scared that other East Texans might become a victim. "There's ways that these con artist can do the con and you can lose everything that you have." So, the next time your phone rings and someone promises you money, remember, "there's no paying money to get money".

If you believe you are a victim or potential victim of a phone scam, contact authorities and your Better Business Bureau.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. 

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