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Code Violators Beware--City Could Get Help From Neighbors To Keep Tyler Clean And Clear

Old tires and other garbage combined with substandard housing that is unsafe and falling apart -- the City of Tyler wants sights like those become a thing of the past.  And it hopes the citizens of Tyler can help. 

"The city is taking a proactive approach to this and we want [residents] to join us," said Kristi Boyett with the Tyler Solid Waste Department. 

From burned out buildings, to parking on your lawn, the Tyler Code Enforcement Department will soon be cracking down on violators -- strict enforcement the city aims to avoid through P.A.C.E, the Pro-Active Code Enforcement plan.

"Our goal isn't to ticket people and clog up our court system," said Boyett.  "Our goal is for people to take care of their yard and property on their own before we ever have to be called out to it."

Some of the more common code violations include parked junk vehicles on people's property, graffiti on buildings, and overgrown weeds and grass.  They are issues that some said could be easily addressed with more eyes and ears monitoring the neighborhoods. 

"This is one more tool we can use to clean up the city and make it a more desirable place for our citizens to live," said Eloise Muxworthy, chair of Keep Tyler Beautiful.

But before the heavy enforcement begins, some city officials said they would much rather empower citizens to be proactive when it comes to their neighborhoods and the City of Tyler as a whole. 

"There are things that have been neglected by the city, but we're going to overcome all those hurdles and make this a better, cleaner city to live in," Tyler City Councilman Donald Sanders said. 

Sanders also said he wants the new program to be a combined effort between the citizens and city officials. 

"We will improve our area," he said.

Layron LivingstonReporting.


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