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11/26/2007-East Texans

Change In Shopping Culture For East Texans?

Its Cyber Monday and approximately 72 million consumers shopped online spending an estimated $700 million. Whether you participated or not shopping is part of society.

It's one of America's past times:shopping. Whether it's in the stores fighting the Christmas crowds or on your computer there are only 29 days till Christmas. That list won't get checked off on it's own

Krissey Bailey of Malakoff shops half in the store and half online.

"Living in the country I do a lot of online shopping. Because it is hard to get out," said Bailey.

Her husband doesn't like shopping and so for her family she does it all.

"Especially Target or Old Navy things like that where they have a better deal online. You go and look at it in person and see what its like then I go back home and buy it online. They have free shipping."

Lauren Hooper of Mineola says she does pretty much all her shopping online.

"The future of shopping will definitely start gearing towards online because you can shop directly from the factory," said Hooper, "I think that our generation is getting alot wiser when it comes to making the better deals. Hey I can get in the store for this much but find it online for half as much. "

Nelda Gwartney of Jacksonville likes to take her time and look and enjoy while shopping but in the actual store.

"I enjoy shopping. So I do it for pleasure," said Gwartney "I just don't like to give my credit card to anybody so I just don't like to shop online."

"The younger generation likes to shop online, the older generation doesn't so as the older generation dies out I think there will be more of the online done," said Gwartney. 

So depending on your preference it's all out there either just a drive or a click away.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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