East Texas Doctor Has Medical Licenses Suspended

36 year old Dr. Brad Burrows has been working as a family practitioner for six years, starting his career in Mount Pleasant. Just one week ago, The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners suspended his license on several violations including drunkenness, excessive use of drugs and narcotics.

Nearly two years ago, the board began an investigation when Burrows admitted to using the prescription painkiller hydrocodone. "We did receive a letter from Dr. Burrows indicating that he had a substance abuse problem," says Jill Wiggins of TSBME. "So he did report the problem to the board himself."

Within the same time frame, a pharmacist from Tyler told the board that Dr. Burrows was writing false prescriptions for hydrocodone under his wife's name. At that time, Burrows was working in the emergency room at the Titus Regional Medical Center of Mount Pleasant. According to reports, Burrows had been through treatment centers on two separate occasions--since he began taking hydrocodone in 1996. After relapsing several times, he admitted to writing prescriptions to himself for Vicoprophen and Didrex, two weight loss drugs. Burrows also told the board, while he battled depression and alcoholism...his hydrocodone use had been the heaviest in the past four months.

Most recently, Burrows worked at a satellite clinic in Mineola for U.T. Health Center. It was the first week of April when agents with the DEA went to his Mineola office to investigate. That's when Burrows admitted to having a relapse with hydrocodone.

Channel Seven News tried contacting Dr. Burrows. He was unavailable for comment. The state medical board says his suspension is indefinite, until he's can prove he's capable of practicing medicine safely without harm to any patients or himself.

Burrows will have a long list of stipulations to provide to The Texas State Medical Board before his licenses is re-instated, including reports about his mental and physical health.