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Decorate Your Home, Save A Trip To The Emergency Room

The lights, just the right color and the garland is perfect for draping.  When it comes to sprucing up his home for the holidays, Tim Booth has it all planned out.  Sunday, Booth, with his little helpers, daughters Ryann and Jordan, wrapped the columns of their home in South Tyler with garland and lights.  He said he strung lights along the roof line last week and hung the wreath, but he has a little more to do before his holiday decorations are done. 

"We've just kind of got things placed and [are] making sure everything works right now, and we'll just tie it all together," said Booth.  He's tying it together and doing it safely.  When it comes to putting up his decorations, Booth said he can never be too careful. 

"It's raining, and we did the stuff that required the ladder last week," said Booth.  As slick as the weather has been this Thanksgiving, that was probably a good idea.  More than 12,000 people are injured each year while decorating their homes for the holidays, injuries from falls, cuts, electric shocks and burns.  They're accidents Dr. Bill Wallace with Tyler Urgent Care said he is used to seeing around the holiday season. 

"There is a little bit of an increase in accidents like this because people are out doing things, being busy and active, and putting themselves in a situation where something might happen," said Wallace.  "People have to understand that and be aware of it and be more careful."  Dr. Wallace said using good judgment can usually help decrease the risk of a holiday accident. Checking your lights for any broken, or frayed wires, using the correct sturdy ladder for the job and keeping a first-aid kit nearby are just some things the American College of Emergency Physicians recommend. 

Booth said he already knows the extension cords and lights he plans to use are for outdoor use.  

"Just follow the directions and, typically, you're good to go," said Booth.  That's good advice for anyone hoping their next trip this holiday season is to hardware store and not the emergency room.

Layron Livingston, Reporting. 

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