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11/24/07- East Texas

A "Plumberful" Thanksgiving

Come rain or shine, plumber Alex Rae with Roto-Rooters sees it all.

"I've seen golf balls in drains and in toilets," said Rae.  "I've even pulled a squirrel out of a toilet one time."  There was no squirrel in Joanne Freden's home, just a lot of family members over for Thanksgiving, creating an overload on her plumbing.

"I would say probably too much toilet paper," said Freden.  Another big problem during the holidays; pouring too much down the drain.

"They'll pour a lot of grease down there, and that's the worst thing to do," said Rae.  "Banana peals, lettuce, stuff like that you shouldn't put down it."  Whatever the problem is, Rae said a lot of people try to fix it themselves, usually making it worse.  

"A guy's commode was stopped up, so he poured acid in it and that just tore the commode up," said Rae.  "It blew the commode up, it just shattered.  You never put sulfuric acid down a toilet." 

"I happened to walk past the bathroom and water was coming up in the bathtub, and I knew what it was, cause I've had plumbing problems before during the holidays," said Freden.  Call a professional and plan ahead before your next big get together.

"I usually have the main line cleaned out before the holiday, but this time I forgot," said Freden.  An interesting side note: Rae said you can run your disposal with lemon and orange peels and ice for about 30 seconds, to help it smell better.

Courtney Lane, Reporting. clane@kltv.com

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