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Santa Busy At Longview Mall

      The day after Thanksgiving, and business is booming for a certain visitor from the north at the Longview Mall. Santa has been flooded today with Christmas wishes from kids wanting to get a jump on the naughty or nice list. A long line of little hopefuls were waiting at center court to give Saint Nick their ultimate wants that they'd like to see under the tree.   

   The jolly one says as usual the kids come up with newer and more specific wishes each holiday season,  and some very unselfish wishes.

      "I had a young girl want presents for her whole family she's special its something , most of the kids are not wanting something huge or big for themselves , they're wanting for other people. That's what its about" Mr Kringle says.

     The kids can catch Santa at center court of the Longview mall until December 24th.

 Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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