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Longview Shelters Needing Help

      With the cold weather settling in, area shelters are expecting more people to use their services,  and they're asking the public to help with needed items. Shelters like the Hi-way 80 Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army in Longview are seeing more people coming to their centers. Shelters will be cooking more meals and providing more winter clothing for the homeless. Already the rescue mission is housing record numbers each night.

    "With the weather turning colder and wetter we'll get a lot more people in our numbers will swell we're already averaging 85, we'll probably be over a 100 the next couple of nights so the needs will definitely increase" says Hi-way 80 rescue mission chaplain Rusty Fennell.

  "A lot of people don't get home-made food their having to settle with canned goods stuff out of the dumpster's they sleep outside they have nothing else and here we give them a home cooked meal" says Longview Salvation Army volunteer Elizabeth Hunter.  

    Donations of food and clothing can be made at all area shelters.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com

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