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Black Friday Brings Out The Masses

On the day after Thanksgiving the last thing on anyone's mind is turkey it's a day we all call Black Friday and you know what that means--shoppers are out in full-force, starting the day bright and early. Lines were wrapped around buildings at major retail stores like Best Buy, Kohl's and of course Target. 

It's 5:59am at Target on Black Friday morning and you can feel the anticipation mounting as hundreds waiting outside in the cold, waiting for the doors to open.

"I'm here to support the cause for my wife, you know she says you have to have a two man team, somebody has to go get the stuff, somebody has to man the buggy, I'm manning the buggy," says supportive husband Dean Pennington.

All have a strategy...

"Get there as fast as I can," says Cindy Easter.

And all are trying get the best deal they possibly can...

"I think it's a good deal it's a 37 inch [TV], $549, cheapest one I found was about 800 dollars so it's a pretty good deal," says Mike Mullican.

Just to give you a perspective, the area where Target keeps their shopping carts, 150 total, is completely empty.  And there are about 350 more shopping carts out and about carrying everyone's good deals.

We wanted to know what are those deals this year?.

"Everybody likes the new stuff in electronics," says Target store manager Larry Edwards.

"Electronics," says one shopper.

"TV's, electronic items, people are into that," says another.

And then there are the toys.

"Hannah Montana, all the kids love Hannah Montana," says mom Tiffany Dunn.

"Barbies," says another.

"Guitar hero is one, missed out on that," says shopper Sheri Thornton.

But we were also curious to know what's not hot?

"Pantyhose, I'm not into that," jokes Mike. 

"Pillows," says Sheri.

"Pretzels," Larry says.

So apparently if you're in desperate need of some Rold Gold's, you've got some time. Otherwise, if you're looking more for something like a big screen TV then you'll be waiting it out like the others but please, for the sake of your men and women in red, wait patiently.

If you don't want to get out there and brave the crowds or if just one day of shopping isn't enough, you're in luck. Many of the retailers, including Target, Linens-N-Things, Best Buy, and Bealls have sales going on Saturday as well.

Tracy Watler Reporting

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