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Top Ten Most Dangerous Toys

Before you head out shopping for your little ones this holiday season, you need to know which toys are safe. One World Against Toys Causing Harm says there are dangerous toys out there that are not recalled. The group has released their annual "10 Worst Toys" list.

WATCH says the "Jack Sparrow's spinning dagger" could be an eye hazard to your child, and a popular "Spider Man 3 Goblin Sword" could cause injury because of its rigid plastic.

"Anything plastic is going to concern me because most kids do put things in their mouths," said Julia Chattam, concerned grandmother. 

Also among the list are "Sticky Stones." They're magnetic and WATCH says if swallowed, could stick along the intestines, causing serious infections or even death.

In response to the list, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said: "Toys for sale have gone through more investigation and scrutiny than any year past." Yet many feel there should be more inspectors here in the U.S.

"If things are coming from overseas they really should be inspected over here," said Chattam.

"My friend was saying that when she goes to Toys-R-Us to buy her kids toys that anything that says 'made from China' she won't even buy because she's scared what may happen to her child," said Michelle Archer, mother.

KLTV 7 found a recalled toy item in sales ads this week: "Aqua Dots". The beads contain a chemical that turn toxic if swallowed, causing seizures or unconsciousness. These ads were printed weeks before the toy was pulled off store shelves.

Other toys among the list include a "Dora the Explorer Lamp" for potential electric shock, the recalled "Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boat," which contains lead, Lil "Giddy Up" Horse, for choking hazards, "My Little Baby Born Doll" comes with a small pacifier that could be swallowed, a "Rubber Band Shooter" by Simple Toys LLC, presents an eye hazard, a bouncing ball and footboard, "Hip Hoppa," could cause potential injuries, and "B'Loonies," which contain chemicals. It's a lot to watch out for which is causing some to steer clear of the toy isle altogether this shopping season.

"The children are our future," said Chattam. "We want to keep them here, we want to keep them healthy, that's the point."

You can see the complete "10 Worst Toy" list here on our website. Just click on "Know More On 7" and look for "10 Worst Toys."

Courtney Lane, Reporting.

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