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Family Celebrates Thanksgiving With Their Solider

We all know Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings and celebrate with the ones we love. But many of our soldiers are having to spend the day overseas, fighting for our country. KLTV sat down with one of the lucky East Texas families who's hero is home just in time for the holidays.

It's Thanksgiving Day and the Davis family is spending it just like everybody else, praying together, eating together, and of course watching football together. 

But, there's something different in the air at this year's celebration.  It's the true meaning of Thanksgiving coming to life.

"We take that word for granted, being thankful and I am truly thankful because so many guys don't make it back," says wife Tawnya Davis.

But Army Captain Lorinzol Davis did make it back and just in time too. For the past seven months, he's been in Iraq, serving as part of a Military Transition Team.

"You go day by day and you see a lot of things in Iraq and it just makes you appreciate your family. Makes me want to see their faces, I know I won't take for granted my family," Captain Davis says.

Before he heads back, Davis has this day and only 17 more to spend with his family.

"They are so precious [the days] and we try to use them all up. We wake up about four o'clock in the morning, we watch the news together, and just talk, we try to you know maximize the time," Tawnya says.

Time that will be spent doing the little things, like playing with his two young children and then some extraordinary things.

"He's going to come to my school and meet my teacher and all my friends," says his daughter, nine-year-old Ariana Davis.

They're a family who has everything to be thankful for because they have in their arms a son, a husband, a daddy and....

"A hero...because he went to Iraq to save the United States," Ariana says proudly.

Captain Davis will finish up his first year-long tour of duty in Iraq in four months. The family will then move to Fort Bragg in North Carolina.  

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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