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Reward Offered In Marshall Murder Case

       A community is banding together under the efforts of one business owner to raise reward money for the capture of a murder suspect. Marshall business owner Anda Hitt was close friends with Homero Hernandez, who was found murdered in his home earlier this month.  

   "I want justice for him and I want the killer brought to justice in Marshall Texas" says Hitt.

      Police are searching for 27 year old Mexican national Orlando Flores, who is charged with capital murder in the case. Hitt is doing what she can to help. Raising reward money, talking with law enforcement agencies, even television shows.

     "America's Most Wanted. I was asked to write a letter so I've written a letter I've mailed it, if we don't get reward money then the man's going to walk he's going back to Mexico and I feel that" she says.

     And other business owners have joined her in the effort.

     "This should not go without getting settled, it has to be settled, it's just the right thing to do" she says.

      Her biggest fear is time.

      "The time is not on our side right now" says Anda.

    Homero's has reopened under family management, but Hitt will not rest until Homero gets justice.

    "I'm doing it all for him, everything is for him and his family, the last thing I said to him is I loved him and he gave me a big hug and I gave him a big hug" she says.  

     Hitt is hoping to raise 30-thousand dollars, hoping it will bring someone forward who can locate Flores. 

   Bob Hallmark, Reporting,

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