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11/20/07 - Harleton

East Texas Family Welcomes Home Marine

He's been fighting in Iraq for eight months. And now an East Texas soldier is home just in time for the holidays. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley takes us to a Harleton homecoming fit for a hero.

"When he was over there I prayed daily for his safety and now that he's home, I thank God daily that he's home." Alice Mitchell is like any proud Marine Mom -- glad to have her son home for the holiday's. "I have such pride for him. Every time I think about him I start crying. It's just such an extra blessing to have him and his family home with us this Thanksgiving,"says Alice.   Alice's son, Gunnery Sergeant Cory Mitchell has served in the Marines more than thirteen years. In his latest tour, Mitchell patrolled a detention center in Ramadi, Iraq. "It's good to come home and see family and come home to Texas. It's very emotional and it gets to me a little bit," said Mitchell.  Although, Mitchell will only be home for a couple months before he heads back to Iraq, his family counts his visit as a blessing that other soldiers don't have. "You appreciate things a lot better when you have a family member over there. I've seen other wives and their husbands didn't make it back," said Cory's wife, Stacy Mitchell. "We do have service members over there that aren't coming home for Thanksgiving and we have guys that will never be coming home. So, to be able to come home to my family, it's overwhelming and I'm happy to be home."  

A hero--happy to be home with his family and honored to serve his country. 

Not only will Mitchell and his family celebrate Thanksgiving, but they'll also celebrate his birthday, which is friday.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com

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