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Tracking Family Flights Has Never Been Easier

No matter what you do, travel delays are going to happen.  And you'll you'll want to know if your loved ones will arrive on time this Thanksgiving.

If they're flying, that's never been easier. You can see the real-time status of any plane anywhere in the country online right now.

The number of aircraft in the skies over America today was just staggering.  At any one time, well over 5,000 aircraft -- 50,000 takeoffs and landings today alone.  Tracking any of them is easy.

One site is FlightAware.  A nationwide map can be zoomed to a specific flight. You can enter the airline and flight number and see in an instant where the plane is, its altitude, and if it's going to be delayed.  In fact, the planes position in the sky is updated every six minutes.

The same with FlyteComm's FlyteTrax.  There's a different interface with the same information -- like a list of all flights coming to and from an airport.  With weather playing havoc with flights in parts of the U.S., many planes will be delayed, have to fly around bad weather, or even be diverted to other airports.

You can get all this information even sent to your cell phone or e-mail when there's a change. On the roads as well, TxDOT always has the latest information on construction or any weather-related delays in the state.

Their website has interactive maps, and cameras along highways in major cities in Texas.

Reported by Morgan Palmer,

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