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A Better East Texas:Global Warming

NOTE FROM BRAD STREIT: The commentary below contains a factual error. While the expert referred to is a co-founder of the Weather Channel and a respected meteorologist he is not the president of a environmental firm as outlined in the script. I apologize for this error.

I have always been a little skeptical about the global warming movement. My doubts grew when Al Gore became the poster child. But when the Nobel prize recognized him I thought my judgment might be a little harsh.

After all, should we be taking responsible, reasonable steps to protect our environment? Absolutely. But contrary to reports, the sky is not falling and we're all not gonna die. I learned Al Gore uses twice the electricity at his home in one month than two typical American households do in an entire year! Next the president of one of the most prestigious environmental firms that also created the weather channel called the global warming " the biggest hoax in our history".

As far as I know national mainstream media has completely ignored both of these facts. So, let me run it down for you. First, the spokesperson for the cause uses twice the electricity in one month as two average American households do in a year. He obviously isn't too concerned about the environment.

Second, the president of a well respected environmental organization calls the movement a farce. Third, neither of the above two facts are reported by the national media. I don't know what's worse the farce itself or the national media ignoring the testimony of a legitimate expert from the other side.

It is evidence that we all need to be very careful in our evaluation of anything that's popular on the Hollywood cocktail circuit. By the way I am very proud that the channel 7 news team gave complete coverage to the other side. If you missed it you can see the reports by gong to kltv.com, click the community section and then a better east Texas.


Viewer Comments:


We just want you to know how much we appreciate your commentary spots on our News Source, KLTV7.

You are to be commended by everyone for your thoughtful insight into today's issues.  We respect folks who have the backbone to stand up and lead needed discussions.

Bill & Lois


These commentaries always make you sound like a close minded know it all but this was the most ridiculous commentary I have heard!!!!  It is very irresponsible of a community leader like KLTV not to encourage conservation and recycling.  This message on top of KLTV's inability to recycle their tons of paper trash from scripts emphasizes your lack of respect for the environment. To think we do not impact our world is ludicrous.

Just because you have a personal negative opinion about Al Gore does not mean global warming does not exist.  I would like to have heard your source on Al Gore's electricity consumption.  However even if he is being irresponsible why should that justify others to do the same.

If your meteorologists do not believe in Global Warming maybe i shouldn't put too much belief in their weather forecasts.  You shouldn't push your beliefs on them.  We expect them to be unbiased and scientific.  This stance against Global Warming is all I can stand.  I think I'd rather have a dog predict my weather form now on.



Brad:   I really liked your commentary on Al Gore's utilities used.  Evidently we are receiving the same emails.   I am not a huge fan of Al Gore, and after   hearing, and reading this report; think that he should be stripped of his  award for environmental  " global warming.

   Thank you for presenting this travisty to the East Texas audience.



I find your opinion on global warming very interesting. I agree that there is probably an alarmist reaction to some degree, but I am not qualified to determine how much. I don't believe that you are either. You ask the question about why some are ignoring a reputable scientist. I believe that the answer to that is that you look at a proponderance of the evidence, not just a few here and there. The majority of the scientific community believes that we do have a serious problem. Isn't it better to go forward as if we do have a problem and be on the safe side than to continue as we are and possibly further jeopardize our environment? After all, those that have the hugest problem with this are the big corporations that don't want to lose one dime of their millions and millions of allmighty dollars. I'm not interested in their opionions any more then I am John Travolta's. I only want the best for our world and so should you.



 Just wanted to thank you for your "right on" East Texas opinion on the issues of today. We appreciate you going on air and voicing them for us, although we might not totally agree all the time, our Christian community needs their voices heard.



Mr. Streit,

In regards to the controversy of Global Warming.  You boldly stated Al Gore's home uses an outrageous amount of electricity and you felt he is a hypocrite for this.  I'd like to ask if you understand what impact this would have on Global Warming?  If you had done some research you'd know, that in his movie, Al Gore and other advocates of Global warming state that carbon emissions are what drive Global Warming, not electricity.  So to truely question the hypocritism of Al Gore, we need to know where the electricity he uses comes from.  As a news reporter I would think you would do more research before making your statements. 



Regarding the editorial I just witnessed.  6:25 PM, Nov.26, 07 about Global Warming and Al Gore.  Wake up please.  We need our earth for our children and grandchildren.  Al Gore won a Nobel if you recall.  Do you think people win a Nobel if they are full of hype?  Take the wool off of your head that is pulled over your eyes and TRY to have an open mind.  I realize Al is a Democrat and you are not but don't be so small minded.  Facts are facts. There are FAR more intelligent people and organizations out there that agree with him.  You or who ever did the telecast did not even mention the name of the person or organization that supposedly said Global Warming is a farce.  Wow, small minds can get this county in trouble, as is it's current state.  I am thankful the Presidential election is around the corner.  We need Democrats who are for our earth and our environment.  God only gave us one earth. It is up to each and every one of us to take care of it.  As far as Al Go!

re's energy bill being as huge as you say.  He is a rich man.  If I were rich I would  live in a huge home too.  Therefore, a large energy bill.  Large homes usually mean large utility bills.  Common sense.  This man has done such good and is condemed by small minds.  That is very sad.  I like KLTV, just not  your conservative views.  Happy Holidays. 


Thank you, Thank you for your comments on global warming this morning!

Below are some links to John Coleman's comments you spoke of this morning that also list multiple links to some VERY good "peer reviewed" scientists debunking the alarmist attitude that "the sky is falling." (you must scroll down to his comments and the subsequent links):

Meteorologist John Coleman's (KUSI San Diego) comments on global warming:





You may wish to share this data (links above) with your viewers who want to know more "meat" on the subject so that they may have a more balanced way to help make up their own minds on global warming... or is it actually... global cooling that is coming our way?  I have not heard anything about the possibility of global cooling on the news.  Have you?

Food for thought... 

I hope you have the time to look into some of the links that John Coleman (former owner of the Weather Channel) has given to help "us" understand the subject better.




Regarding your commentary of November 26 on global warming, how did you become the self-proclaimed conscience of East Texas?  It is very obvious you did not do your homework on this subject.  I personally am not concerned with Vice President Goreâ s energy bills or the opinion of the owner of the Outdoor Channel that global warming is a hoax.  The facts are the facts.  The polar caps are sinking at an alarming rate, and permafrost regions in Canada, Alaska, Northern Siberia and Scandinavia are facing rapid warming effects.  Having been to Alaska recently, I have seen this for myself.  

You may want to check your facts before making misguided accusations regarding Al Goreâ s energy consumption.  Vice President Goreâ s home is larger than the average home; therefore, higher than average energy consumption should be expected.  The home is used as a residence and as offices for both Al and Tipper Gore.  Vice President Gore requested that families calculate their carbon footprint and take steps to reduce and offset it.  The Gores pay a premium on their energy bills in order to obtain power through their local Green Power Switch Program â  electricity generated through renewable resources such as solar, wind and methane gas, which creates less waste and pollution.  Additionally the Gores use compact fluorescent light bulbs, have recently installed solar panels, and purchase offsets for their carbon emissions to assist in reducing their own carbon footprint.

The next time you attend a cocktail party, I recommend you do more listening than talking; you might just pick up on some facts

T. L.

Dear Brad,

We would like to express our appreciation and admiration for your editorial comments.  We are often in the middle of breakfast when your "A Better East Texas" comments run and we always stop whatever we are doing and turn our undivided attention your way. 

We were both raised  in Jacksonville and raised our children here. Two of our four children are currently making their homes here and raising their families here in East Texas and hopefully, the other two will be moving back with their families when their NFL careers come to an end.  Serving on the school board and being active in the community, we are trying to do our part to see that the values and philosophies of life that we hold dear will be carried on through the generations of families that we live and work with. East Texas is indeed, filled with many outstanding citizens who are dedicated to upholding the longstanding tradition of the treasured lifestyle we have been blessed to live in.  It is apparent through your editorials that you share many of our same values and philosophies.  Your efforts to encourage high standards of moral and ethical behavior, as well as a positive attitude, are impressive and needed to help sustain the efforts of those citizens like ourselves who love East Texas and strive to keep it strong, and to encourage others to jump on the bandwagon! 

Please accept our thanks for what you are doing for "a better East Texas"!  We applaud you and thank you.  Keep up the good work!! 


Pat and Robin


Hello Mr. Streit,

I heard your commentary on global warming on the news this morning.   I'm probably in the majority  when I say I don't know what to believe about the subject.   One side says one thing and makes accusations, the other side says something totally different and make accusations, but yet  neither side tends to offer any proof to back up what they are saying. 

Until both sides start being completely open and honest about the subject and provide their sources of the information they are giving us, how can any of us form a rational opinion as to whether or not there is a problem with global warming or if it even exists? 

You said that you had learned that Al Gore uses twice the electricity at his home in one month than two typical American households do in an entire year, but yet you didn't disclose the source of this information.   This is an example of what I am talking about.   It's easy to be accusatory and throw out figures but they are not believable unless the information is backed up by a reliable source and made available when statements like that are made.   

Next you said the president of one of the most prestigious environmental firms and founder of the weather channel called global warming "the biggest hoax in our history."    First, if you are going to quote what John Coleman said,  why not mention him by name??   Secondly, who determined that the environmental firm he is president of is "one of the most prestigious"?   Is that his determination, your determination, the determination of NOAA or NASA??   Or, was the use of the word prestigious solely to embellish your statement.

You stated there was no national media coverage of John Coleman's statement that global warming is a hoax.  Mr. Streit, that is absolutely not the truth.   I saw the report of John Coleman's statement on the NBC Nightly News, on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX.   I don't know if CBS or ABC carried the story as I don't watch their evening news programs.  

I thought you calling Al Gore the poster child for global warming was more than a little harsh, as you put it.  I found that statement to be very disrespectful.   I'm 60 years old and maybe I'm from the old school of thinking but I feel that someone who has served in Armed Services, the U.S. Senate, been the Vice President of the United States, and who is a Noble Peace Prize recipient deserves a little respect....whether or not I agree with his point of view on any subject.     Channel 7 promotes itself as being a caring and proud network with a focus on values, morals, and professionalism.   I think when the Vice President and General Manager resorts to name calling it belies those efforts.  Granted, I'm sure Al Gore has been called much worse than a poster child but we all know the implications behind that. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my comments. 

R. Woodall

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