7 On Your Side: Bride Finally Gets Long Overdue Wedding Photos

"It was out at the Roseland Plantation it was absolutely gorgeous. We had Tyler roses all different fall colors," says Kristen Dugan recalling the day of her wedding.

That was the day she married the man of her dreams, Ben.  She enlisted the services of Phuwadol Photography to capture the memories of her big day.

"They make soft lines. He had unique photographs on there. Different things that I hadn't seen before," says Kristen complimenting their work.

$2,000 later, these two pictures would be all she has to show for her wedding day.  Which was in September of 2005.  She never imagined two years later she would get no where with the photography studio.

"The no communication and me trying to email them time after time and call time after time. Absolutely getting no response from them is what has upset me.  And now it's been two years and I still haven't got my pictures and I'm sorry that is unacceptable!," says Kristen.

She called 7 On Your Side and we called Phuwadol Photography.

The family-run business says despite having some personal family emergencies they did try getting in touch with Kristen to determine which photos she wanted but was unsuccessful too.

But that would change after we got involved.  In fact, we spent several weeks on the phone with the studio, got her photos in-house and surprised Kristen with them the day she came to our studios for the interview.

"You got it?!," Kristen exclaims seeing her 16x20 portrait for the first time.  "Christine!  How did you get that!  Oh my goodness, that's wonderful, that's our shot."

The surprise didn't stop there, Kristen also got to see for the first time all her wedding photos set to music.

"That's my little nephew," says Kristen looking at the photos.  "Oh you're going to make me cry!"

Kristen says she's especially excited to show the pictures to her husband, who's currently overseas serving in the Air Force in Korea.

"I wish he could see these.  Thank you, thank you for getting my pictures," says Kristen crying.

So even though tears were shed, they were tears of joy...for a hassle that finally had a picture perfect ending.

Kristen also received her wedding album, just in time for her husband to see when he comes home for the Christmas holiday.

And as a good faith gesture, the photography studio gave Kristen the copyright of the photos at no charge.  So she can print off copies of any of her photos!

Christine Nelson Reporting cnelson@kltv.com