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11/19/07-East Texas

Dallas Cowboys Spirit Coming Alive In East Texas

Cowboys fever--you can feel it, and it's starting to flare up in East Texas. It's only going to get bigger and crazier as the Cowboys keep winning. The Dallas Cowboys are 9-1 for the first time since 1983.

They've been dubbed "America's Team," but here in East Texas, you'd think they were our very own. Dallas Cowboys mania is sweeping the nation as they sit atop the NFC East.

"The way it looks they're going to the Superbowl this year," said fan David Lee. 

And it seems all fans, big or small, are jumping on the Cowboys' bandwagon.  Home Depot carries official Cowboys colors in its paint department.  Employees have some fun showing their spirit, but it's the ultimate fan who will paint their entire house blue and silver.

"I think I'll be doing a couple rooms in it," David said as he laughed, looking at his wife.

"It's a nice way to decorate your game room or your TV room or whatever, show your true team spirit," said Home Depot employee Damon White.

And over at Racquet And Jog in Tyler, customers are showing off their finds--Cowboys T-shirts and hats galore.

"The adult stuff is selling very well but the kids stuff is just going crazy. We sold out of youth jerseys. If they keeping winning it's probably going to be one of the hottest things we have for Christmas," said Jerry Tucker with Racquet and Jog.

Sporting a Cowboys T-shirt is one thing, or even painting your living room in Cowboys colors, but then there's repaving your driveway to install a steel star permanently in your concrete. That's exactly what Cecilio Bueno of Tyler did.

"No matter what anybody else thinks in this neighborhood, this is the Dallas Cowboys house," Bueno said, laughing.

Cecilio said he is the Cowboys' number one fan.

"I consider myself pretty high up there.  It's hard to beat."

For Cecilio, his driveway may have cost him $10,000 to repave, but he said showing off his Cowboys spirit for all to see, that is priceless.

The Dallas Cowboys face the New York Jets Thanksgiving day. 

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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