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Experts Offer Tips For A Diabetic-Friendly Thanksgiving

These days, Thanksgiving turkeys can come deep fried or slow roasted.  And what's a holiday feast without the pies and pastries to match?  For many people, Thanksgiving is all about the food.

"Turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy and what ever else is on the table," is what Rex Browning said he would love to eat this year.  It all sounds good, but for Rex, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, this year's feast may be a little different.

"If the doctor says, 'hey boy, watch it', I have to watch it, and step back a notch or two," he said.  Rex is just one of the 20 million Americans suffering from diabetes.  And many of them are our friends and family members--people who will be gathering around our Thanksgiving meal tables.  But some say those tables can easily become diabetic friendly.

"It's a lifestyle change," said Elaine Aragon, a diabetes educator with Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler.  Aragon said when it comes to Thanksgiving and diabetes, it's all about moderation.  "What I usually recommend is that you go ahead and eat some of the things that you want to eat, but maybe modify your portion size, maybe not include your dessert with your meal, but have your dessert more as a snack."

Regulating portion sizes, and baking with sugar free products are just a couple of things you can do.  And Aragon said removing soft drinks and fruit juice completely from the menu is best.

And that message is hitting home with Rex, who said he'll be watching and making sure he doesn't over eat certain foods--hoping that turkey-day meal, for him and other diabetics, is still enjoyable.

Layron Livingston, Reporting


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