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A Better East Texas: The Real Meaning Of The Holidays

This Thursday is Thanksgiving...followed immediately by the biggest shopping day of the year, and the unofficial kick off of the Christmas Holiday Season.

No doubt the public practice of our faith will be attacked by another special interest group seeking attention.

Instead of getting angry I have a challenge for those of us who celebrate the real meaning behind this special occasion.

 Let's practice what we preach.

 Many organizations, KLTV included, will ask you to help make this season a little more special for those who are less fortunate.

Seek out ways to practice the golden rule this holiday season. Y

ou can give time, money or something as simple as your place in line at the cashier's desk to the bedraggled working mom with kids in tow

. But give from your heart. It's a significant example of what our faith is all about and it will make this a better texas.

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