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Former Iraqi General Visits Longview Church

A former top general in Saddam Hussein's regime, talks to East Texans about the good that's going on in Iraq and reveals a few surprises about the origins of the war.  Speaking at Grace Creek Baptist Church, former Iraqi Air Vice Marshal Georges Sada delivered a message of the good that's going on in Iraq that most people don't hear about.

"There is a lot of freedom, a lot of reconstruction going on there and that is the great fruit of liberating Iraq," said Sada.  "After the surge everything is becoming much much better."  Foremost he says is the freedom that's on all levels.  Born of a Syrian Christian family, Sada rose to power leading the 4th largest air force in the world.  He was forced to retire in 1986 because he wouldn't join the ba'ath party, but he was recalled for the 1990 Kuwait invasion. Sada says he was imprisoned for refusing to execute P.O.W's.  He also sided with the United States in the 2003 war.

"The decision was the right decision, and the proper time because I know the intentions of Saddam Hussein," said Sada.  Sada says he has first hand knowledge Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction.

"I will continue saying it, and I will say it everywhere in the world," said Sada.  "I have seen the weapons by my eyes and heard Saddam Hussein ordering how to use it.  Come on, the weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq.  Saddam possessed them and he has used them."  Sada also says he knows the weapons were smuggled into Syria and that Hussein had frightening future germ warfare plans.

"They planned on taking one bottle of germs to be taken to Washington and dropped in the water," said Sada.  A new freedom of religion Sada says has yielded a surprise, a rise in Christianity.

"We have church there, its now about 1,650 baptized people now and more than 3,000 have converted to Christianity, and they are increasing each day," said Sada.  "Great news out there."  Through it all Sada says faith has helped him survive.

"I have checked my life, and I have found that God was looking after it and he has saved me," said Sada.

General Sada is currently an advisor to the Iraqi government, helping with reconstruction.  He also authored a book about his experiences as a Christian in the Iraqi regime titled Saddam's Secrets.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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