Two Sisters With a Bond, But In Need A Family.

As two young girls get in the Magic School Bus at Chuck E. Cheese in Tyler a voice rings out, "Hi, how are you doing today? Are we all set to pick up the kids from school. Let's go!" And they're off! Two sisters having an afternoon of fun; Lashae 8, and Jessica 7.

"They're very pretty little girls. They like frilly little girl things, but they'll play rough and tough with the best of them," says Cheyanne Fuller a caseworker with Child Protective Services.

They're typical girls, very active, full of energy; they never miss a beat. "I like to play with toys and stuff. My favorite toy is a teddy bear," says Lashae in a soft voice. Jessica also likes to play. On this trip, she couldn't decide which game was her favorite. "That, that, that, the robot, and that thing right there, and that bus and that," says Jessica as she points feverishly at all the games.

The two girls are involved in gymnastics, church, and Special Education Classes in school. They stick close together, giving each other a helping hand when needed. While they like a lot of the same things, they have different personalities. Jessica is the leader, Lashae the follower. "I clean up my room, but sometimes my sister messes it up again," says Lashae.

Things have been pretty messed up for both these girls in their young life. Fuller says, "They have endured a lot prior to coming into care and they're going to need a very understanding family that is going to be able to meet their needs." Lashae and Jessica will need to continue Speech and Occupational Therapy. They would do best in a home with no other children, or older children. They will require constant supervision and a lot of consistency, something they have never had. "They need to know what they're going to wake up to in the morning and what's going to happen at bed time," explains Fuller.

These youngsters crave a permanent family, and desperately need the Gift of Love. "I want a good home," says Jessica. Lashae agrees, adding, "I want a loving family that will always take care of me." And when it comes to reaching their potential, Lashae and Jessica both want to be in the driver's seat, heading down the road to a bright future.

If you'd like to know more about Lashae and Jessica, or about the adoption process, call our Gift of Love hotline toll free, 1-888-kids-275.