Tyler Woman Arrested for False Sexual Assault Claims

A Tyler woman who once claimed she was attacked by a stranger in her own apartment went from victim to suspect Tuesday. Tyler Police arrested Nita Reeves Tuesday afternoon for filing a false report.

Reeves told the same story to Channel 7 News in January she has reported to police. During Channel 7's interview, Reeves said, "I heard the sliding glass door, but it was my dogs barking that really woke me up. But I didn't think too much about it because they bark at everything. I turned over in the bed and I looked up and all of a sudden, there was a man standing there."

Police began investigating the case as a possible attempted sexual assault. In January, Officer Chris Moore said, "They got into a scuffling match. She did at one point try to hit him with an iron."

Investigators no longer belive that story. Tuesday, Reeves was arrested and booked into the Smith County Jail. She faces up to six months in prison and a two thousand dollar fine for charges of filing a false report. After her arrest, Moore said, "The investigator, in doing interviews, realized that there were things about her story that were not making sense. And it finally came out that she had fabricated the story. She turned herself in today."

"It's rare to have a false allegation of sexual assault just because all of the things a victim has to go through as a result of reporting sexual assault."Says Smith County Assistant D.A. Alicia Cashell. She believes false claims of rape make her job more difficult by making juries less likely to believe women who really were attacked. "The real victims are judged more harshly. They're put on trial and they're affected by this woman making false allegations."

Police say Reeves has a new explanation about how the cuts and scrapes got on her neck and face in January. But, they say they're not sure they believe that story either.

Reeves was released from the Smith County Jail Tuesday afternoon on a $500 bond.