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11/16/07- Wills Point

New Details Uncovered In East Texas Mother's Murder

Christopher Burt, 19 was arraigned in a Van Zandt County court Saturday morning.  Burt has been charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Pamela Fincher, 37.  Fincher's 16-year old daughter was dating Burt and is also believed to be involved in her mother's death.

Fincher's body was found Thursday night at her home in the Rolling Oaks subdivision outside Wills Point.  KLTV 7 found out Saturday that Burt and the victim's daughter met and started dating just a month ago.  The two teens met while working at an Arby's restaurant in Terrell.  Burt's father says his son had a good relationship with his girlfriend's mother and is shocked something like this could happen.

"I don't think my son would be capable of doing something like that," said Burt.  "He loved people, you know, he was very very family-oriented."  Sheriff's investigators still do not have a motive for the killing, but say Fincher was shot once in the head, while in bed early Thursday morning.

"This is a tragic deal for Van Zandt County and for the Rolling Oaks community," said Van Zandt County Sheriff Pat Burnett.  "We have the suspects in custody and you can rest assure we're going to do a complete investigation."  The two teens were arrested Friday, after coming to Wills Point High School in Fincher's stolen truck.  The murder weapon still inside.

"They weren't trying to hide," said Burnett.  "They were trying to act normal."  Sheriff's investigators were alerted when the 16-year old girl came to school to pick something up.

"The school was not locked down, but the school locked the front doors and the principle stood there at the door to let people in and out as they needed to go," said Burnett.  "It was very calm, a very very professional job done by our school and our Wills Point police officers."  Fincher was a substitute teacher at Wills Point I.S.D.  One of her young students lived next door and wanted to share his thoughts about her.

"She was nice," said Jesus Gutierrez.  "Sometimes whenever we were walking to class, she would make us do a little dance.  This is real bad, and it makes me sad."  Burt's father says his heart goes out to the victim's family, but he can't believe his son could commit murder.

"My son was raised good, you know," said Burt.  "He was brought up in a Christian family and all, so I just don't know."  Many questions still left unanswered, but a promise that justice for Fincher will be served.

"We're going to continue until we get everything and get a conviction, so we get these people off the road," said Burnett. 

Burt remains in jail on a capital murder charge.  He's also been charged with bringing a firearm to school.  Bond for that is set at $25,000.  Authorities will decide Monday if the daughter will be tried as an adult.  They say she can not face the death penalty, since she's only 16.

Courtney Lane, Reporting.      

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