Police Up Patrols In South Tyler after Attempted Sexual Assault

Tyler police are increasing patrol efforts in south Tyler following an attempted sexual assault at a woman's apartment Monday morning.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, about 6'2" and 180 pounds.

Authorities say the suspect kicked a woman's apartment door open and physically assaulted her. He, then, dragged the woman around her apartment and tried to remove some of her clothing, police say.

At one point, the suspect went to close the front door, and the victim called 911. She hung up when the suspect returned, but police called her back. The suspect got nervous when 911 popped up on the caller I.D., and  he fled from the scene.

Tuesday, the victim's neighbors said they heard the victim screaming and knocking on doors for help. One saw the suspect drive off in a dark vehicle.

The incident has residents questioning their security. "There's a lot of people asking you know are our doors safe in our apartment," said Sonny Gibbs, who lives in the victim's building.

Police say in cases like these, attackers will move to a new location. Police will be upping their patrols at south Tyler complexes.

"We'll be watching that apartment complex closer," said Officer Paul Ward with Tyler Police Department. "We'll be watching all apartment complexes pretty heavily."

Authorities say residents should report suspicious people to the police department immediately.