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11/15/07- East Texas

Killer Cold Strikes, Killing 10 People

The government wants doctors to be on the lookout for a new mutation of the cold virus that's showing up more and more and has claimed lives... even right here in Texas.

This new and dangerous cold virus is popping up at an alarming rate. Since spring of last year, there have been at least 140 cases in four states, including Texas.

"It seems to be a virus that affects children and also young people that are in really close quarters such as military recruits and college students," said KLTV 7 med-team Doctor Ed Dominguez. 

It was called the "Boot Camp Flu" when hundreds of Texas recruits at Lackland Air Force Base became sick earlier this year. So far, 53 people have been hospitalized. Nearly half of those ended up in intensive care and 10 died.

"One of the reasons this has been so aggressive is that it spreads a lot faster," said Dominguez.  "Not only between people but once it gets in a person within their body. The time that you get exposed to it to the time you get sick is usually a matter of days not weeks. These are very quick and onset."

While this cold can be deadly, it's not certain yet whether it's common. No new cases have been reported since late spring, but doctors advise to watch out for certain symptoms.

"Symptoms of adnovirus reported by CDC include fevers, pneumonia like symptoms, cough, some bleeding causing a syndrome that is like influenza than it is like the common cold," said Dominguez.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control say during this cold season, people should try to stay healthy and are asking people to do what they always have done: wash your hands.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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