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11/16/07- East Texas

Barry Bonds Scandal Hits Home Among East Texas Athletes

The legal problems surrounding Barry Bonds and steroid scandals with other high-profile athletes no doubt has an influence on children.

"Even when I was young and in High School, I knew guys who were trying things and wanted to be bigger, faster, stronger quicker," said Vince Veazey, head baseball coach at The Brook Hill school. 

The temptation to use performance-enhancing drugs has always been there. But will the scandals surrounding their big league heroes have a negative impact on our children?

"If this comes out and they're aware of the idea of steroids and how it affects the human body and how it affects the way they play the game, then anytime anyone has a good season, everyone's going to have doubt," said Veazey. 

Head baseball coach at T.J.C, Jon Groth, played in the same college world series as Barry Bonds in 1984.

"He's an amazing athlete," said Groth.  "I don't care if he's used steroids or not. The ability to hit a baseball like he can do has nothing to do with his use necessarily.  The hand-eye skill that he has is a gift from God so it's unfortunate that this is being tainted."

His home-run record aside, Groth said he's disappointed Bonds hasn't been as forthcoming as he should have been.

"I continually remind my guys to be stand-up men, say what you mean, mean what you say.," said Groth.  "Don't hide things. If you make mistakes own up to them, take ownership of them, learn from them and then move on."

"We can always say 'look this is the consequence, this is what can happen,' said Veazey.  "He did the wrong thing and it's a lack of integrity."

One of the greatest athletes of our time, whose records may now never make it in a hall of fame.

"Anytime something like this happens, it becomes infamous and becomes something that will stick with a kid forever and hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes," said Veazey. 

We want to know what you think. What lesson do you think children should learn from Barry Bonds?  There are several options listed on our online web poll.  

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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