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11/15/07 - Marshall

Police Report Reveals A Gruesome East Texas Murder

Late today, KLTV 7 obtained the police report in the murder of restaurant owner Homero Hernandez, shedding new light on both his accused killer and a possible connection between the two.

The suspect, 27-year-old Orlando Flores is still on the loose, wanted on capital murder charges.   KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley has gone through the police report and brings us the details.

Marshall police say inside Hernandez home, it was a crime scene like they'd never seen.   Inside, police found the body of Homero Hernandez on the downstairs bathroom floor, bound with cords and he had severe injuries to his head and body. The report goes on to say "Homero" was stabbed with a knife, and struck on the head with "an unknown object.    

"What really hurts is that nobody should have to do that to anybody," says Homero's brother-in-law, Danny Moreno. "He was a very nice guy and for somebody to do this to him, he didn't deserve it," said John Munoz, Homero's uncle. While family members prepare for Homero's funeral, they're left with the sad reality that the suspected killer, Orlando Flores, was someone Homero may have known.  

According to the police report, cell phone records from Homero's phone show calls made to a "Felipe Flores" in Grand Prairie, where police say Orlando Flores may have relatives.

Police also tell KLTV 7 Orlando could also have family in Houston. According to the report, a bus ticket from Houston to Marshall was bought on November 8, 2007 on Homero's debit card.    "There's no doubt that he was trying to help him.  We would get on his case for that but that's what he wanted to do," said Danny Moreno. And that desire to help, Homero's family said, is what cost him his life, and now, they want justice. " It will be closure just knowing that he can't do this to anybody else and no other families will be suffering," said Homero's sister Norma Moreno. In an effort to find Flores, the family is asking for help from East Texans and pleas to the Hispanic community. 

"If any one has any information or if you've seen anything or know anything about my brother's crime, please call the police," says Norma Moreno. Despite his death, the Hernandez family says Homero's love and their wonderful memories of him will live on.

Funeral services for Homero Hernandez are set for Friday at 3pm at Downs funeral home in Marshall.  

Marshall police also told us Orlando Flores did have a previous criminal record, including arrests for burglary, criminal trespassing, and illegally immigrating to Texas. Again, if you have any information on his whereabouts, call authorities immediately.  

LaKecia Shockley,Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com     

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