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East Texas Bad Restaurant Report

     In Longview 3 area restaurants were hit with the most serious violations in the latest round of inspections , including the Waffle House at 318 East Loop 281. Inspected November 9th, hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures, there was cross-contamination of ready to eat foods, there was improper handling of ready to eat foods , and there was evidence of insect contamination. They had 25 demerits.

    IHOP at 203 West Loop 281, was inspected November 8th. Hot foods were held out of temperature. Hash browns were uncovered and unprotected. Hygienic violations were found among employees, and improper handling of ready to eat foods. Total demerits : 20

    The restaurant inside New Way at 4306 West Marshall Avenue was inspected November 5th. Hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures. Stored foods were not properly protected. There were inadequate hand wash facilities. Total demerits : 17

  In Tyler, the KFC at 2215 West Gentry was inspected October 23. Potatoes were not held to warm enough temperatures. The inspector saw employees not properly washing their hands, including some not using soap. The inspector said water at the sinks was actually too hot to wash hands properly. Fountain drink nozzles had mold, and a mixer needed cleaning. Total demerits: 22

   In Lindale, the Running W Truck Stop at 24782 I-20 West, had foods being improperly left to cool at room temperature. Raw chicken was being stored above cooked brisket, a contamination danger. And a hand washing sink was not accessible. Total demerits: 19

  Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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