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Kilgore Soldier Home From Afghanistan

    A 21 year old battle hardened Army Specialist comes home to a hero's welcome at East Texas Regional Airport. For 8 months,  Aaron Davis' unit, the 173rd Airborne, has been in action in Afghanistan. This past Friday, he lost 5 comrades in an insurgent attack. Men he knew well.

   "They're your brothers no matter where they're from what color they are they're your brothers, it's hard when we lose one cause it's always someone's friend, even if its not your friend it's somebody else's friend," says Davis.

      At home now he reflects on what's been won and lost in war.

    "I've learned a lot about myself, it changed me in the fact that I though it would be one way being in combat, you see all the great battle scenes in the movies they don't show the part where you're sitting there 5 hours later. That could be your buddy that could be you lying there."

     Aaron turned down a chance to come home much earlier.

    "It would have taken him out of a combat zone and he said no he did not want to leave them he didn't want to leave his buddies" said his mother Davlyn Davis.

     He remains determined to serve his country.

      "My faith has gotten stronger, we're going to do our job to the fullest, we're not going to quit."  

     Davis' time at home is short. In 18 days, he'll go back to his unit in Afghanistan.

     Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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