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Finding Toys NOT Made In China

We now know millions of toys made in China are tainted. And so is the trust parents have in buying toys from that country, as East Texas moms have expressed to us in the past.

"You think it's safe and then something off the wall happens and it's not," said one mother we interviewed at a Tyler toy store last week.  Another adds, "No matter how much they want them I just don't want to take the chance that toy could be recalled."

The Toys 'R Us in South Tyler turned out to be the ideal place to shop for weary parents.

The store compiled this dozen page list for customers, items they have right there in the store. Items NOT made in China.

In fact the assortment of toys we found were made in right here in the U.S.A.

From this Sponge-Bob puzzle, to arts and crafts...even "Floam" for hours of fun.

We also found other toys made in Denmark, Thailand, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.

"It's a concern for my grandchildren and other friend's children and their grandchildren playing with those toys that might not be safe," said Jean Patterson, grandmother of two.

We enlisted the help of the bite-size experts to see how appealing these toys were.

"My school I used to go to has those," said Olivia pointing to the toy "Barrel of Monkeys" as her sister Martha looked on. 

While the toys aren't necessarily the "must have" Christmas items, grandmother thinks the girls would play with them.

"Several of them yes I think they would. They both like puzzles and they like building things," says Jean.

So if you're making a list and checking it twice knowing you can find some toys not made in China is pretty nice.

The Tyler Toys 'R Us tells us that they compiled that list after parents kept asking if they had items that were not made in China.

If you're looking exclusively for made in the U.S.A. toys, those were a little more difficult to find.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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