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East Texas Soldier Home From Afghanistan

     An East Texas soldier comes home from the battlefields of Afghanistan to a heroes welcome. 

     Army Specialist  Aaron Davis has spent the last 8 months, fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan. In that time, Aaron's battle weariness stretched across the world, with his mother anxiously waiting countless nights, worried she may never see her son again.   For Davlyn Davis, it has been a month of nail-biting. Her son Aaron, part of the 173rd airborne unit, in the thick of fighting in Afghanistan. Just last Friday, he lost 5 comrades in an insurgent attack.

   "My heart does break for the other mothers and families that sons and daughters are not coming home. To see your son go off to war , never dreamed it would have never imagined it, it's been very hard, and just wondering when I'm going to see his face and hold him in my arms" Davlyn says.

     Finally tonight, the moment arrived at East Texas Regional Airport in Gregg County.    Aaron was met as he got off his plane to thunderous applause and cheering.

   "We're out there fighting and doing the jobs the best we can" says Aaron.

    "I'm very proud of him, I he's one of my best friends and I couldn't be more proud of him for what he's doing" said Aarons best friend Chase Patterson.

    For Aaron, coming home is bitter sweet, it was his job to care for the bodies of his fallen comrades to be sent home to their families.

   "To my brothers that don't that are not going to see this celebration because they took their last breath over there , those are the real" he says.

    Aaron Davis will be home for 18 days before returning to Afghanistan. To make his time home even more special, Aaron has been set up with a surprise gift that will make a lot of East Texans envious. The Dallas Cowboys have arranged tickets for Aaron to both Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, and the November 29th game against the Green Bay 

 Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com 

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