Tyler P.D. Adds Infrared Cameras

Tyler Police just added a new piece of technology that makes it harder for criminals to escape their crimes.

The department purchased two Raytheon Palm Infrared 250 digital cameras.

The devices pick up images from heat sources. They can even pick up hand prints after someone has already left a crime scene. And, police can then use those images to help them decide where to dust for finger prints.

The scanners can also find human bodies in dark wooded areas, which makes them highly effective search tools. "It's going to be harder for them (criminals) to hide," said Assistant Police Chief Steve Sharrion. "If they try to hide from us. If we get their soon enough, we're going to be able to track them down in many cases, not all cases so it's going to be... A large advantage for us."

The devices cost a little less than 10-thousand dollars each.