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Longview- 11/13/07

World-Renown Show "Stomps" Across East Texas

Piece-by-piece, crews build the ground-work for an elaborate set.

"Right now they're putting together the second story of the set," said Dan McGuire, production manager.  "When they're done with that the whole thing will lift up and we'll strap walls on it and put a special floor down."

That special floor is embedded with dozens of microphones that amplify the unique sounds of Stomp.

"You see people playing brooms, poles, garbage cans ... anything but your traditional instrument," said McGuire. 

"It's so funny, it's just hilariously funny," said Cynthia Hellen, director of the Belcher Center.  "Everybody's thinking it's going to be loud, which it is kind of loud, but it's just very clever and very innovative."

Hellen said their goal is to bring in big productions that East Texans can enjoy right here at home.

"The one thing that we have promised everybody is to provide things here that are cultural, entertaining, and family-friendly," said Hellen. 

This latest "show-stomper" may even leave you with a little bit of rhythm.

"People are going to walk away happy. They're going to walk away with their kids banging on the pots and pans of the house. They're gonna walk away tapping their feet and honking their car horns," said McGuire.

Courtney Lane, Reporting.


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